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Gear Box Adaptors, Shaft Couplers, etc.: We specialize in creating custom components like gear box adaptors and shaft couplers, tailored to your specifications.

Specialized Component Fabrication

Our OD-ID grinding services handle diameters from 24” to 96”, ensuring precision in cylindrical parts.

OD-ID Grinding

Our Services at Great Lakes Fabrication & Machining


Experience unmatched precision in cutting a variety of materials with our state-of-the-art water jet technology. Ideal for complex shapes and high-precision needs.

Precision Water Jet Cutting

Lathe and Mill Services: Our advanced lathe and mill services cater to bespoke machining needs, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every turn and cut.

Custom Machining

6A Fellows Gear Shaper: Utilize our gear cutting services for a wide range of applications, executed with precision using our 6A Fellows Gear Shaper.

Gear Cutting Expertise

Range: Offering boring mill services for sizes ranging from 48” to 60”, suitable for a variety of industrial needs.

Boring Mill Services

Turning: Our CNC turning capabilities range from 12.5” to 42”, delivering precision in cylindrical components."

Vertical Machining: The CNC Vertical Machining Center (30” x 60” x 30”) allows for precise and efficient machining of complex parts.

CNC Turning & Machining

Jigs, Brackets, Weldments: "We excel in creating custom jigs, brackets, and weldments, ensuring durability and functionality in your designs.

Custom Weldments & Fabrications

Custom Project Inquiry?

We encourage visitors to reach out for custom projects, mentioning that GLF&M can adapt to unique requirements or innovative ideas.

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